Subcontractor pay app management

Never fix a math error on a pay app or hunt down a lien waiver again.

General contractor happy with subcontractor billing software
Perform calculations for subcontractor billing

Perform calculations for subs

Automatically generate billing documents for construction subcontractor

Automatically generate lien waiver documents

Construction contractor custom billing documents

Control unapproved change order submissions

Create custom approval workflows

Control subcontractor billing submissions

Total control over subs' billing

  • Prevent subs from overbilling
  • Eliminate subs billing for unapproved change orders
  • Require and approve a schedule of values breakout
  • Predefine contract amount and retainage terms

Stop sub billing errors
before they happen

Flashtract generates your custom pay apps and lien waivers by having calculations automatically performed for your subs with just two values: percent complete and materials stored.
Stop subcontractor billing errors
Get subcontractor billing documents

Get documents in the right place at the right time

  • Have pay requests routed to the right person, every time
  • Built-in compliance controls
  • Automated document distribution
  • Automatic billing submission reminders

The construction billing software
your team and your subs will love


hours to get started


subcontractor adoption

It's that easy to use

"As soon as I saw how easy it was to set everything up I liked it, but the first time I ever dealt with customer service was when I knew we chose the right subcontractor billing software."

Mark Vega
VP of Project Management

Albert M. Higley

Prices start at $199/mo

Get your team
focused on building, not billing.

Proud to be recognized as
a part of the future of construction

CFMA Memebership
Associated builders and contractors and construction billing software
Construction Executive & Flashtract billing software
Construction Dive & Flashtract billing software
Contruction Business Owner & Flashtract billing software
Construction Junkie and Flashtract billing software

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