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Flashtract is a simple software tool that helps commercial construction contractors get accurate billing information in the right place at the right time.

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Send reminders

Send text, email, and phone call billing reminders to subcontractors who haven’t submitted pay apps during the pay period with a single click.


Collect documents

Receive, review, and store pay apps, invoices, lien waivers and other project documentation with our centralized construction invoice software.


Approve pay apps

Approve or decline invoices and payment applications. Electronically sign lien waivers and other documents to bill your construction project owner in just a few clicks.


Bill & generate reports

Export your project budget as an excel spreadsheet, generate cashflow reports, and update your payables accounts – all from Flashtract’s construction payment software.

Flashtract automates construction billing process

Streamline your
construction billing process

Perfect pay apps, every time

Subcontractor pay app management

Flashtract’s dynamic schedule of values eliminates calculation mistakes and ensures that subcontractor pay app submissions are 100% accurate and on time.

Amanda Hurd, Riley Heating and Air

“That is the easiest thing I have ever done. I wish every general contractor would use Flashtract to collect pay apps and lien waivers on their projects”

Review and approve in seconds

Construction payment application approval

General contractors can review required documents and attachments from subcontractors, then quickly approve completed work in just three clicks.

Joe Tuggle, President at Swofford Construction

“I was amazed at how Flashtract gathered all the correct billing information in one place. Flashtract’s construction invoice software makes reviewing and approving pay apps easy for our team.”

Streamline your billing process

Automated construction billing reports

Create project financial reports and automatically update your project budget in seconds. Our construction billing software syncs with your accounting systems, reducing manual data entry.

Cary Chandler, Director of Business Development at ARTF

“As a project owner wearing multiple hats, Flashtract has created a concise process to organize the essential information helping accelerate the decision making and payment process.”  

The Ultimate Power Tool

Schedule of values management

Manage your project schedule of values in one central location. Billing information updates in real time based on currently billed and approved work.

Construction billing reminders

Set automatic and recurring billing reminders to manage subcontractors and ensure pay apps are submitted on time.

Built in E-Signatures

Electronically sign lien waivers, contracts, and other supporting documentation securely and seamlessly straight from Flashtract's billing management software.

Owner billing and reports

Create custom reports or export all billing information into AIA G702 and G703 style documents seamlessly.

Approve and decline work

Collect, review, and approve work with a click of a button. If problems arise, decline work and communicate with subcontractors, all on one billing management platform.

Subcontractor mobile app

The Flashtract app allows you to submit work quickly and easily, right from the job site. Submitted work can be reviewed and approved from anywhere.

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Get paid faster and spend less time on payment applications with Flashtract’s construction billing software.

General Contractors

Collect, review, and approve pay apps in seconds and bill the owner in just a few clicks using Flashtract’s construction payment software.


Meet project deadlines, stay within budget, and reduce your risk with greater accountability and visibility with Flashtract’s construction payment management system. 


Track loan progress, lower loan default rates, and mitigate fraud risk with powerful project insights from Flashtract’s payment management software. 

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