Payment application submission software

Stop filling out confusing pay apps and lien waivers every month.

Subcontractor enjoying payment application submission software
Automatically generate billing documents for construction subcontractor

Automatically generate billing documents

Construction contractor custom billing documents

Custom forms for every general contractor

Construction subcontractor get paid faster

Get paid faster by preventing errors

Construction billing software helping subcontractors

Generate AIA style and company-specific pay apps for your general contractors. 

Enter project data once and Flashtract will automatically generate your AIA style pay app and lien release documents based on just two inputs: work this period and materials presently stored. No more duplicate data entry or confusion on which back up documents are due before you bill.

Stop delayed payments caused by small errors. 

Flashtract performs calculations, automatically checks for math errors and prevents other common billing mistakes by tracking retainage, rolling from previous values, and generating accurate lien waivers. Catch problems before they go out the door to get paid faster.

Subcontractor accountant needs billing documents generated

Spend less time on billing paperwork. 

It’s simple. 

Focus on what you do best, we’ll take care of the paperwork. Flashtract reminds you when to submit, where to submit, and what to submit all in one place. We accommodate all general contractor billing paperwork, no matter who you’re working with and what they require.

Stop worrying about paperwork
and get time back in your day

< 1 hour

to get started

2 min.

to submit any pay app

It's that easy.

“Filling out ten different payment application forms each month is a pain. With Flashtract I have one simple standardized approach to billing all my general contractors. If you’re a subcontractor you have to check this system out!”

Jay Jones
Huffman Electrical Contractors

“What used to take us 3 days now takes 5 minutes. I never have to worry about mistakes in my pay apps or paperwork anymore because Flashtract does it all for me. ”

Allen Wood
Project Manager

“That is the easiest thing I have ever done. I wish every contractor would use Flashtract to collect pay apps and lien waivers on their projects”

Amanda Hurd
Riley Heating and Air

Prices start at $99/mo

Get your team
focused on building, not billing.

Proud to be recognized as
a part of the future of construction

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