Construction Payment Software for Owners

Flashtract works for Project Owners

Here's How

Step 1: Project Setup

  • Send project invitations to project members or receive an email notification inviting you to a project 
  • Set contract amount and project details
  • Invite internal and external approvers to Flashtract 
Set up construction billing software information in Flashtract
Approve work in Flashtract's construction invoicing software

Step 2: Review and Approve Payment Applications

  • Review and approve payment applications and related documentation across all your projects with a single construction payment management software solution
  • Set custom required project documents in Flashtract to be included in each payment request 
  • Resolve disputes and get questions answered quickly while approving construction payments in Flashtract to eliminate the endless email chains
  • Have payment applications routed directly through your construction invoicing software to the correct approvers for on-time approvals 

Step 3: Generate Draw Request

  • Flashtract automatically generates a draw request that can be sent to the project lender based on approved general contractor billings 
  •  Have all proper required documentation seamlessly attached to each draw request 
  •  Track your project budget and billing related information from one central location 
Draw request in construction billing management software
Construction project management software automated reporting

Step 4: Issue Electronic Payments and Automate Reporting

  •  Flashtract’s construction payment software allows you to easily and securely issue ACH payments for approved work
  • Generate project reports with a click of a button
  • Easily track where your funds are going after payments have been distributed 

Say goodbye to billing stress.

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