New Feature Release: Compliance Management for Flash Prime

Compliance & Billing in Construction

At the end of the day, compliance tracking is a critical part of construction billing. However, in most cases, general contractors are still collecting and tracking this additional documentation outside of the billing process. Unfortunately, separating these processes can lead to massive issues in miscommunication and compliance problems.

Additionally, checking information between two disparate systems is a massive time sink. Reducing the time you spend processing projects and the errors associated with manual processes is what we’re all about here at Flashtract.

With this in mind, we’ve completed the compliance management tool in Flash Prime for general contractors. Now you can automatically collect documents, see compliance statuses and receive updates on compliance changes.

What Can the Compliance Feature do?

Notify users of status changes

Automatically collect compliance documents

Track & show compliance statuses

In the past, collection and tracking of compliance documents have been tedious and manual. Documents could be difficult to find, or get lost among many inboxes or files. If hard copies were being stored, these paper documents were probably contributing to clutter and taking up space in the office. 

However, obviously, not keeping track of these documents is a risky prospect. Disorganization and mistakes could lead to massive legal issues that cost the company lots of time and money. 

With Flashtract, all your documents are stored securely in the cloud. They’re all easily accessible within our software. Better yet, both general contractors and subcontractors can easily see which compliance requirements have been filled, are missing, or expired. This way, everyone is on the same page and has the same information.

What can you use our Compliance feature for?

Requiring subcontractors to upload compliance items at the start of a project.

Preventing subcontractors from submitting invoices once compliance items expire

Storing all your compliance documents digitally in the cloud

Automatically notifying your subcontractors before their documents expire

Ready to automate your compliance process?

New to Flashtract

Existing Flashtract Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a compliance requirement can be created for anything you want to collect outside of the billing process. 

Yes! You can upload documents for your subcontractors.

Yes! Flashtract tracks:

  • Document history
  • Who uploaded the document
  • When the document was uploaded

Our system allows you to choose which compliance requirements will block invoice submission.

While the start and end dates themselves are optional, a subcontractor cannot submit this information without uploading a document.

The compliance requirements that were set up in billing will not automatically carry over to our new compliance tab. We recommend setting up setting these rules up under the compliance tab in future projects! 

If you notice an error when reviewing documents, you are able to leave feedback for your subcontractor to fix the issue. 

Our current file upload limit is 50mb.

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