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When: September 21, 3:30-4:30p ET
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Dive into the rapidly changing landscape of construction technology with two industry experts. Learn what benefits there are when implementing new tech and why you should shift to the cloud. In this one hour event, we’ll cover the current ConTech landscape, why that’s changing, and the value of integrations and cloud technology.

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Subject Matter Experts

Dennis Stejskal

Director – Construction & Real Estate at Sage

Dennis Stejskal has seen all sides of the Construction / Real Estate Software product spectrum– From Sales, to Customer Support, to Industry Consulting, to Product Manager, to Product Line Director for the Construction and Real Estate (CRE) Business Unit and now Director of Customer Experience. Dennis has been on the CFMA Technology Committee including co-chair positions. Dennis has spoken at numerous CFMA National events, numerous AGC events as well as most of the Timberline User Group (TUG) events over the last 20 years.

Shahrukh Arif

Head of Product at Flashtract

Shahrukh oversees product management at Flashtract, one of the fastest-growing construction technology companies in the US that are facilitating better billing for their customers. Shahrukh works closely with Flashtract’s customers, partners, and prospects to understand their needs and drive app enhancements for Flashtract users. Shahrukh has been in the technology industry for the last decade, and in June of 2020, he joined the Flashtract team. Before Flashtract, Shahrukh was involved in the e-commerce space helping brands manage their products with large retailers such as Amazon and The Home Depot.

The Changing Face of Contech

Technology is always developing in new directions, and that’s no different in the construction industry. In the last 15 years, there were unprecedented leaps and bounds forward. But where do you stand with all of the innovations? Has your business stayed up to date with current tech movements, and is it ready for what’s coming next? Our webinar seeks to answer all of these questions and more. We’re here with industry veteran Dennis Stejskal, and our very own Shahrukh Arif to review the history of construction tech, and where it’s going. 

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