Subcontractor payment management

Payments, compliance, and unconditional waivers all in one place

construction billing team using integrations

Stop fraud early

Strengthen relationships
with your subcontractors

Use automation to get
more work done, with less

construction company owner

Make the whole subcontractor payment process easier

Reduce the administrative burden of tracking compliance statuses, collecting unconditional lien waivers, and cutting and mailing checks. The subcontractor payment management dashboard collects all the data points that you need to quickly and safely route payments to your subcontractors. 

Reduce the cost of cutting checks

Cutting and mailing paper checks may not seem like much, but after hundreds the cost starts to add up. Not to mention the time that it takes to print, sign, and stuff these checks. Switch to a completely digital process to give your hands a rest. 

construction project accountant

Stop fraud in it's tracks

In today’s world, there are risks hiding around every corner. Trying to put in processes and systems to keep your subcontractors’ most valuable banking information safe is a monumental task that you don’t want to mess up. Store and manage all sensitive information in our secure software where we will control access and monitor activity. 

About Subcontractor Payment Management

Keep all of your payment processes in the same place as your billing information. With Flashtract you can manage the process end to end with confidence. Our payments are sent for FREE over ACH embedded directly in the software so you don’t have to worry about any 3rd parties integrating. 

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