Construction Payment Software for Subcontractors

Flashtract works for Subcontractors

Here's How

Step 1: Accept Flashtract Invitation

  • General contractors will send email invitations for your contract
  • Accept the invitation to get started with construction invoicing software for free
  • Use the cloud based construction payment software or download the Flashtract app to easily submit completed work wherever you are
Flashtract's construction billing software invitation acceptance
Construction invoicing software billing information

Step 2: Electronically Bill for Completed Work

  • Enter the value of the work done and materials stored this period. Flashtract will calculate the retainage, previous work, and totals to date
  • Upload progress pictures, or other attachments, and Flashtract’s payment management software automatically completes required documents
  • Using our contractor billing software, electronically sign lien waivers and pay apps directly from Flashtract

Step 3: Track Submitted Work

  • Communicate with approvers by commenting on submissions. Instantly notify approvers of roadblocks or changes and resolve issues.
  • Monitor the approval process with instant notifications about changes in the status of your invoice. We make construction payment invoicing easy. 
  • Get paid using construction payment software, it’s that simple!
Track work using construction payment management software

Say goodbye to billing stress.

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