We’re building the best solution for payment applications in the construction industry, and we’re having fun while we do it. ​

Blair Chenault

Co-Founder & CEO

Ben Conry

Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success

Garrett Raab

Product Owner

Scott McGlon

Business Development

Alex Chenault

Software Engineer

Austin Osborn

Software Engineer 

John Woodis

Sales Development Representative

Shahrukh Arif

Head of Product

Jamie King

Lead Frontend Engineer

AJ Patel

Software Engineer

Jess Stephens

Growth Marketing Lead

Mark Mangal

Senior Sales Manager 

Taylor Osbourne

Frontend Engineer

Katie Greene

Senior Product Designer

Greg Dotson

Head of Engineering

Angela Ochoa

Product Manager

Darrell Burch

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

Tim Curry

Sales Development Representative

Laura Nunnally

Sales Development Representative

Anthony Collins

Lead Backend Engineer

Zadith Manotas Pretel

Senior Backend Developer

Heather Callahan

People Operations Lead

Jimin Mo

Sales Development Representative

Skyler Geissinger

Account Executive

Wesley Kelly

Sales Development Representative

Lauren Pesola

Content Marketing Specialist


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