To save everyone in the construction industry time, money, and effort by creating simple and intuitive tools that let you focus on building, not billing.

Flashtract is an innovative software development company founded on two core beliefs, that everyone deserves an efficient payment and billing process and that powerful software does not have to be complicated software. Our team made these beliefs a reality, through a flexible software that streamlines the construction billing and payment process for commercial general contractors and subcontractors. 

The Flashtract Team

Blair Chenault


Blair is Flashtract’s fearless team leader and co-founder. Blair has the big ideas and can be found doing anything from software to marketing, making sure all day to-day-functions run smoothly.

Ben Conry

Head of Customer Success

Ben is head of sales and co-founder of Flashtract. His personal experience in the construction industry paired with his contagious personality make him a great asset and wonderful partner for our clients.

Alex Chenault Flashtract general contractor billing software developer

Alex Chenault

Senior Backend Developer

As the the senior backend developer at Flashtract, Alex had been working on the development of our software since day one. He’s taken point on crafting an easy to use and efficient software. He earned a degree in computer science from Auburn University. 

Scott McGlon

Business Development

Scott is an experienced entrepreneur managing and growing several startups since 1998. He provides valuable oversight on our business development and creates team goals.

Garrett Raab

Product Owner

Garrett is in integral part of the Flashtract product team. He earned his degree in software engineering from Auburn University and has an affinity for design.

Austin Osborn

Software Developer

Austin is head of mobile development at Flashtract. While Earning his degree in Software Engineering at Auburn University, Austin began working on the mobile side of our product.

Shahrukh Arif

Head of Product

Shahrukh ensures that the team is working toward industry leading advancements in the platform. He earned a degree in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA from Emory University.

Taylor Osbourne

Frontend Developer

Taylor works on the front end web development team at Flashtract. He studied English at Georgia State University, and continued learning through General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive program. 

Jamie King

Lead Frontend Developer

Jamie leads the frontend development team. He earned a degree in management from The University of Georgia, continuing his education at Free Code Camp and General Assembly to advance his web development skills. 

Mark Mangle

Senior Sales Manager

Mark is helping build a world class sales team at Flashtract. He earned his degree in public policy from Georgia State University.

Jess Simpson Stephens

Growth Marketing Lead

Jess is building a robust marketing program at Flashtract. She earned a degree in psychology from Auburn University, and has spent a majority of her career standing up marketing programs at technology companies. 

John Woodis

Sales Development Representative

John is helping Flashtract grow their customer base as an important member of the sales team. He earned his degree in marketing from Auburn University.

The Flashtract Story

Founders Blair Chenault and Ben Conry were old college friends when they met up for a quick beer in the summer of 2018. Chenault was working on software with BBVA, while Conry was working in construction project management at Brasfield and Gorrie.

Chenault was discussing his work developing payment software when Conry pointed out there is a huge problem with the construction billing and payment process. Payment turn-arounds can be up to 96 days costing general contractors and subcontractors money and frustration. This problem was caused by a confusing and out dated billing process.

The pair quickly realized with Conry’s industry knowledge, and Chenault’s software and finance skills, they could create a solution. So, the idea behind what is now a successful and ever-growing company was born. Flashtract. 

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