Construction Payment Software for General Contractors

Flashtract works for General Contractors

Here's How

Step 1: Create a Project

  • Enter general project information like project name, project address, original contract sum, and project number  
  • Set the approval chain on each project which can be customized to be as simple or as complex as necessary. 
  • Specify project billing details such as the retainage rate, required attachments, and custom documents needed for submission
Set up construction billing software information in Flashtract
Subcontractor invitations to construction payment software in Flashtract

Step 2: Invite Subcontractors

  • Upload your schedule of values spreadsheet to Flashtract
  • Set up all of your subcontracts through our general contractor billing software
  • Send subcontractor invitations and set custom terms allowing them to get started using Flashtract’s payment management software

Step 3: Approve or Decline Submitted Payment Applications

  • Automatically send text, email, and phone call billing reminders to subcontractors who haven’t their submitted pay apps
  • Construction payment automation routes payment applications to the correct users in the approval chain 
  • Approve or decline work and view attached documents all through your construction payment software.
Approve or decline work using construction payment management software
Construction project management software automated reporting

Step 4: Export Approved Work and Generate Reports

  • Export your project budget or schedule of values from Flashtract as an AIA G702/G703 style document
  • Quickly generate financial summaries and monthly cash flow reports with construction payment software
  • Flashtract integrates with your company’s accounting software to automatically keep your data in sync.

Say goodbye to billing stress.

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