Construction billing software: Flashtract in 60 seconds

Manage subcontractor submissions

Automated construction billing software requirements

Required billing documents

Upload custom documents and require them with each subcontractor submission. Remove the possibility for incomplete or inaccurate documentation from subcontractors.

Construction project management software reminders

Subcontractor reminders

Eliminate billing delays by automatically sending text, email, and call reminders to submitters. Save time by not having to chase down subcontractor pay apps.

Construction invoice software calculations

100% accurate pay apps

Flashtract’s construction billing software calculates values in real time and catches arithmetic errors before submission. Subcontractors can quickly and accurately bill for completed work in just three clicks.

Approve completed construction work

General contractor payment software with multiple approvers

Automate payment approvals

Set multiple internal and external approvers. Invoices and pay apps are automatically routed to the necessary parties, all on one platform.

General contractor schedule of values

Dynamic schedule of values

Project schedule of values are instantly updated based on billed and approved work. Flashtract’s construction invoicing software eliminates the need for double data entry by the general contractor’s office staff. 

Built in e-signatures

Built in E-Signatures

Subcontractors, general contractors, owners and lenders can all electronically sign documents in seconds right from Flashtract. No more manually printing, signing and scanning.

Contractor billing and reporting

Construction billing automated reports

Generate construction project reports

Effortlessly generate and export project reports that include construction payment information, updated schedule of values, lien waivers, progress photos and other project billing documents.

Update construction accounting software

Export approved work from Flashtract to your accounting software to automatically keep your data in sync. Reduce manual data entry and the possibility for human error.

Construction accounting software automation

Say goodbye to billing stress.

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Use Cases

See how you can simplify your construction billing workflow


Get paid faster and spend less time on payment applications with Flashtract’s construction billing software.

General Contractors

Collect, review, and approve pay apps in seconds and bill the owner in just a few clicks using Flashtract’s construction payment software.


Meet project deadlines, stay within budget, and reduce your risk with greater accountability and visibility with Flashtract’s construction payment management system. 


Track loan progress, lower loan default rates, and mitigate fraud risk with powerful project insights from Flashtract’s payment management software. 

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