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Myths Around the AIA G702/G703 Documents
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5 Misconceptions About AIA G702/G703 Documents

AIA G702 and G703 forms come with a few disagreeable terms and a lot of resentment. While it’s true that these documents are in no way a perfect solution for professionals in the construction industry, there are some misconceptions about AIA G702/G703 documents.
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Sage & Flashtract Webinar
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Construction Technology & Your Business

Has your business stayed up to date with current construction tech movements, and is it ready for what’s coming next? Our webinar seeks to answer all of these questions and more.
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Using Software to Streamline Your Subcontractor Business
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A Quick Guide to G702/G703 AIA Documents

To avoid time-consuming rejections, Pay Apps are typically required to follow a standardized format. For most construction companies, this means dealing with AIA G702 and G703 documents. In this article, we will cover the basic concepts around these commonly used AIA documents.
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