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Our Mission

To save everyone in the construction industry time, money, and effort by creating simple and intuitive tools that let you focus on building, not billing.

The Flashtract Story

Founders Blair Chenault and Ben Conry were old college friends when they met up for a quick drink in the summer of 2018. Chenault was working in financial software development while Conry was working in construction project management. The pair discussed the financial crisis striking the construction industry with up to 90-day turn arounds and billions lost each year in late and incorrect payments. They quickly realized with Conry’s industry knowledge, and Chenault’s software and finance skills, they could create a solution. So, the idea behind Flashtract’s construction billing and payment software was born.

Flashtract was founded on two core beliefs:

1. Everyone deserves an efficient payment and billing process.

2. Powerful software does not have to be confusing software. 

Meet The Team

Ben Conry Flashtract

Ben Conry

Head of sales

Scott McGlon Flashtract

Scott McGlon


Alex Chenault Flashtract general contractor billing software developer

Alex Chenault

SOFTWARE Developer

Austin Osborn Flashtract Construction Payment Software Developer

Austin Osborn

software Developer

Garrett Raab Flashtract construction billing software developer

Garrett Raab


Shahrukh Arif

Head of Product

Jamie King



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