Helpful Information on Getting an Ohio General Contractor’s License

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Getting an Ohio GC License

Even if you’ve been doing handiwork in the past, you’re probably well-aware that a contracting license opens a lot of doors. In Ohio, getting licensed is a requirement for commercial construction. This prevents fraud, or dangerous problems in a construction project. But this also means that getting a GC license is not usually cost effective for small businesses or people who want to do small, specialized jobs. To that end, most people seeing a GC license already have an established presence in the construction industry.

Additionally, there are few more things to note right away about becoming a GC in Ohio. 

  1. Every city and county in Ohio handles licensing differently. 
  2. Most regions break down GC licenses into several categories
  3. Most cities require you to already have liability insurance
  4. Some cities also require substantial bond forms.
  5. Most also require you to pass an exam.

What Can You do to Prep for License Application?

Research your business's city or county requirements

This should go without saying. It is critical to understand what you need in your area to be approved as a general contractor. Both Ohio as a state and your local county will have many seperate requirements to hold and attain the license. For example, if you were operating out of Columbus Ohio, you would want to start here.

Have a Business Plan Long Before Applying to be an Ohio General Contractor

If you are not already in the construction industry, and do not have the initial licenses to do handiwork or subcontracting, you may want to start there before jumping straight in as a GC. You will still need to earn a contractor’s license before anything else.

Ensure Your Business Has the Tools it Needs

Being a General Contractor means that you will need to ensure you are organized and managing your teams efficiently and safely. Job site documentation, equipment tracking, construction billing and safety compliance tools will ensure that you can keep your license. 

Be Ready to Provide Surety Bonds

Both Columbus and Cleveland require surety bonds to be awarded a General Contractor’s License. These bonds are what keeps your customers safe in case things don’t go well. It ensures that you will be held accountable for adhering to local regulations.

Have Proof of Insurance

Finally, be sure that you have good insurance for your new general contracting business. How much insurance you need will vary from city to city. However, regardless of the minimum quantity, be sure you invest in good insurance.

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Where are some of the places you can find info on Ohio Licensing Requirements?

Knowing where to start is half the battle. While there are too many cities in Ohio to list each one, we’ve compiled several helpful links to help you get an Ohio General Contractor’s License. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you will need to get licensed. However, you can find contact information and most requirements to get started. By doing research and business planning ahead of time, you will make the path to becoming a licensed general contractor that much easier.

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