New Names for Flashtract’s Billing Software

New Flashtract Names

Flashtract has grown explosively in the last year. We saw amazing expansion of our clients and users, and helped many new companies streamline their billing process.  As we grew, we found that not only did general contractors flock to our service, but subcontractors as well. We spoke to more and more of our customers, learning their needs and problems. Consequently, the great need for subcontractor billing tools became more and more evident. 

To that end, Flashtract is now offering an experience just for subcontractors, called Flash Specialty. Flash Specialty is intended to help subcontractors manage their paperwork. 

Of course, to help differentiate our two products, we have now also given a name to our original software: Flash Prime. 

Flash Prime

Flash Prime is our foundational product for general contractors. Flash Prime is the same Flashtract software we have been building from the start, tailored for general contractors. Users can expect the same great functionality and service, and will continue to grow in functionality. With Flash Prime, General Contractors can continue to generate and deliver their construction billing documents wherever those documents need to go.

Flash Specialty

Flash Specialty is our newest product tailored specifically to the needs of subcontractors. Subcontractors work extremely hard to push projects to completion, and we wanted to provide them with a specialized solution of their own. Our program solves many of the billing and documentation issues that subcontractors face daily. Flashtract now easily generates and manages the myriad of documents that need to be sent to general contractors all in one place.

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New to Flashtract?

Flashtract is a cloud-based billing tool built specifically for construction. We empower contractors to eliminate the cumbersome pay app process and focus on building, not billing. 

Flashtract removes the paper processes for commercial contractors.  It automatically generates lien waivers, prevents unapproved change orders, and eliminates math errors. Or in other words- it simplifies the pay application process. 

Automating and streamlining your billing process saves general contractors and subcontractors alike money, time, and frustration.

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