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The Origins of Culture

When first starting a business, you probably aren’t sitting down and thinking: What sort of company culture do I want to foster? But the time comes as you watch your team grow when you realize you do want to think about these things. Moreover, you may realize that there are already great values blooming and flourishing right under your nose.

At Flashtract, we’ve had an exciting few months. Our team has been growing exponentially. What was initially a few bright minds with an idea, is now taking shape into a leader in the construction technology space with an impressive roster of customers. We’d reached that point when we weren’t just living in the moment, but actively looking ahead. Luckily, founders Ben and Blair had been bringing on people from the beginning that exemplified their vision of Flashtract’s future.

Some very important things to us were just surrounding ourselves with smart, hardworking people who really loved to face big challenges.

Blair Chenault, Co-founder & CEO

Who is Flashtract?

While growing a business, you can’t just identify the ideal culture you want. You have to actively nurture it. Additionally, particularly while the company is small and close-knit, you should keep an eye out for the values that have become integral that maybe you weren’t expecting.

Several months ago, the People Operations Manager, Heather Callahan, spearheaded a campaign to find out what was important to the team at Flashtract. This way, as our team grew we could purposefully encourage and grow those core culture values, whether there were 30 people in the company, or 300. After several focus groups, we discovered 3 key parts of the Flashtract zeitgeist.


Be Easy to Work With

We want to maintain our fun and collaborative environment. Be honest, push for growth and help one another. 

“Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. We work really hard to help each other, and make sure that if we need anything, we support each other.”

-Jimin Mo
Sales Development Representative

Own Your Results

Let your results speak for themselves. Be fearless in trying new things, but take responsibility and learn to improve whether it works or not.

“Everybody is really, really interested in taking feedback and getting other people’s perspectives- and then using this sense of community to be able to drive improvements and iterate quickly.”

Mark Mangal
Senior Sales Manager

Hammer It

Wow’ing people with our work speed and quality are key.  But, we also want to be notable for how we treat each other while getting it done. 

“We have a mission, and everybody knows what the mission is and we’re all kind of working as a unit to get to that end goal.”

Garrett Raab
Product Lead

Sharing Our Corporate Ethos

Of course, once you identify these core values of your company’s culture, what do you do with them? They’re great focus points for your team, but more than that, they can help others looking in learn more about who you are as a company. What’s important to your employees will reflect in the work that they do, and the software that they make.

At the end of the day, software is a reflection of the people that built it.

Blair Chenault, Co-founder & CEO

We wanted to give an inside look at who we are as a team, and the best way to capture that was on video. Jess Stephens, our Growth Marketing lead worked alongside our friends at Between Pixels to coordinate and film a brand new culture video just for Flashtract.

We’re sharing our founders’ and employees’ stories, hopes and goals with you.

After everyone’s hard work, of course, we ended things the right way! We celebrated our work as a team together with snacks, drinks and laughter. 

Here’s to many more successful projects and fun celebrations!

The Flashtract Team celebrating

Come Work With Us!

When you come to work at Flashtract, it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be challenging. But it’s going to be extremely rewarding.

Ben Conry, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Want to be a part of our hard-working team? Liking what you see of our culture? We’re always taking applications. Take a look at our open positions, or if you think you’re a good fit, send over your resume! Click here to learn more about careers at Flashtract. 

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