Holiday Celebrations at Flashtract

This year has seen a lot of tumultuous changes around the world. And yet, at Flashtract, we’ve found a lot to be thankful for as well. While navigating the “new normal”, we found ourselves growing in unprecedented ways. We’ve worked together to achieve great things, from new software to new teammates. So as we move into the fall season, and right as we begin to celebrate the holidays, we’re looking at all the things and people we are grateful for.

What We’ve Accomplished

What’s not to be happy about here? In the last twelve months alone, our development and product teams have made considerable changes to the existing software and launched brand new ones. We rolled out a subcontractor-centric service, Flash Speciality, ensuring that a sizable segment of our users had an experience just for them. We also saw the release of several new integrations such as Sage 300 and Procore. Better yet, more integrations are on their way. Lastly, we made some solid quality of life changes over the year. We’re ensuring that our existing program stays easy to use while keeping it modern and sleek.

Our Wonderful Partners 

Of course, we can’t talk about integrations without talking about our friends at Ryvit. They worked alongside our developers and employees to make sure we could create the best integration for our users. We’re honored to be an ABC Tech Alliance member for the second year in a row. Construction Executive even named us one of the Top Construction Tech companies for the year. We’ve been privileged to attend many CFMA regionals and meet the people who organize and participate in those events. 

Our Amazing Customers 

This year, we’ve grown astronomically thanks to the users and customers who choose us. You’ve shared your stories, feedback, and resources with us, and we’re glad you’re here! We look forward to helping your business’s journey and are grateful you’re here with us.  

The Best Employees Ever

Last, but certainly not least- our superb employees. Look, we might be bragging a little by now, but it’s true. We really do have the best team. We’ve grown here exponentially too, and we’re thrilled and humbled to have such a talented group. Without their hard work, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So: thank you, team! Your work, care and passion have brought us to incredible new places. We can’t wait to see what you all do next. 

Closing the Year Out Right 

To celebrate all we’ve accomplished, we had a Christmas party at a local restaurant. We gathered together with the rest of our team and their family to celebrate our accomplishments and hard work! We handed out silly awards, learned more about each other, and enjoyed the good food and drinks. As the 2021 closes out, we’re hopeful for the year upcoming and all it holds. 

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